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Learn about the COE Application Process

STEP ONE: GIve us a call

You need to get in touch with one of our loan specialists in order to file your application. We’ll provide you with a list of requirements that needs to be furnished alongside the accomplished application form either through fax or email, whichever is most convenient for you.

STEP TWO: submit the documents

Once you receive the list of requirement and a copy of the application form, fill it out and send it back to us along with the supporting documents requested. Once we receive your application, we will begin processing your loan approval. We will notify you of the qualifying results within 24 hours.

STEP THREE: Loan processing

After approval, you need to wait seven business days before the amount is released to you. Don’t worry, we have a record of processing and releasing loans sooner than seven days because we hate waiting, too.


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COE Loan Enquiry

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In a world where everything is driven by credit and finance, buying a car is a transaction that should entail nominal procedures and credit checks. While it is true that many banks have attempted to facilitate the process by providing a rather extravagant number deals to its customers on a variety of automobile loans, most of these options are limited to customers and account-holders of the particular bank. Furthermore, and more alarmingly, these loans come with a number of caveats that eventually are more damaging to the borrower. Mission Our mission is take make car buying as easy as possible. Driving their dream automobile is something every human desires. Add to that the fact that owning an automobile is almost a necessity, given the state of public transport. In such an environment, buying a car is something that we want to facilitate. A core aspect of our firm’s philosophy is to ensure the provision of affordable loans that assess the credit risk of a borrower fairly and to assist the client in the renewal of car loans. Vision We have envisioned our firm as a premier institute for automobile financing. Our future plans include expanding our portfolio in such a manner that we become a one-stop shop for all our clients. From loans, to automobile inspection, to automobile insurance and delivery, we want Coe Loan to become a leading light of the industry that continues to be a leading facilitator of the general public.

What sets us apart?

  1. Flexibility: We are not a heartless organization bent on taking a pound of flesh in case of a non-payment. We understand the needs and varying issues of our clients and will always to a soft approach while considering such situations. Our financial products are thus designed while keeping in mind the maximum comfort of our clients.
  2. Great rates: This is quite self-explanatory. The rates are unmatched by the industry and there is no way anyone right now can offer a better deal than Coe Loan. For the company, making sure that the client is happy is a top most priority. If we have to sacrifice a degree of profit for such a cause, so be it.
  3. Excellent Service: Our staff is courteous, professional and knows every trick of the trade. We understand the complexity of the financial world and how it can confuse even the most business savvy minds. For this very reason, we have the best minds of the business who know the trade in-and-out. They will surely guide the client every step of the way and make sure that they get a great deal!

Procedure for Coe Loans Otherwise a complex process, the procedure of getting a loan with Coe Loan is relatively easy. The first step is for the client to fill out the form which is received as a sign of intent. The client is guided at this stage regarding the documentation criteria and the intricacies of filling out an application that is attractive to the issuing authority. Once the form is filled out and submitted, Coe Loan gets to work on processing the application. At this point, the work of the client is done. Coe Loan usually gets back to the client within a week. The firm’s operations are driven by a philosophy of efficiency and personnel are encouraged to speed up processes. Loan Requirements Coe Loan has prepared a criteria of eligibility that can cover a large number of population. The right to financing and credit should be equal for everyone and Coe Loan’s relatively lax criteria is a step in the same direction. To put it simply, any Singaporean citizen of age over 21 is eligible for the loan. The Importance of Credit Nobody can deny the role credit plays in modern daily life. With Coe Loan, borrowers can avail a repayment period of up to 7 years. Not only this, but every process is cleared in a quick manner without much of the usual bureaucratic red tape and this has made Coe Loan gain a lot of attention. Coe Loan prides itself on being the firm that provides loans on the lowest rate in the country. Our philosophy of ensuring the provision of easy credit to the entire population has been at the core of all our operations. Coe Loan has multiple methodologies for payment of the principal amount on the loan. It is to ensure maximum ease for the borrowers. Unlike other financial institutions who are usually rigid about the pay-back methods, Coe Loan has opened several venues for the clients’ comfort. A focus on client comfort has allowed Coe Loan to become a well-regarded name in the financial industry. The company continues to operate on the basis of customer-centric philosophy and this is its hallmark of success.

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